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Apartment Rentals in Paris

When you’re only in Paris for a few days, staying in one of the many hotels in Paris is a great option. And if you’re on a budget, there are always the many Paris hostels to choose from. But don’t rule out the idea of renting an apartment in Paris for your trip, either.

Anyone who’s staying for a week or more can save quite a bit on accommodation by going with an apartment rental over a hotel. Anyone traveling with a family or other kind of group may find having an apartment more convenient as well as a potential money-saver. And anyone who wants to live the dream of feeling like they live in Paris – even for a short time – will love how having a rented apartment makes them feel a bit like a local for awhile.

You have several options for finding an apartment rental in Paris. There are websites that specialize in vacation rentals, some of them listed by the owners of each property and some of them run by management companies. You’ll find companies based both in Paris and outside the city, too. A few things to look at when you’re scanning the listings for Paris apartment rentals are:

  • What’s included? Will clean towels and sheets be provided? Do you have to clean the apartment before you leave, or is there a service that will come through after you check out?
  • Where is it located? Even if it’s not in the heart of a touristy area, is it close to a Metro stop so you can get where you want to go easily and cheaply?
  • What on-site agency or homeowner support is available? If a faucet leaks, or a fuse goes, or you can’t figure out how to turn on the oven – is there someone you can call?
  • Is there an elevator in the building? If there’s no elevator, what floor is the apartment on? (You probably don’t want a 6th floor walk-up, especially when you’re carrying either luggage or the spoils from a day at the market.)
  • Does the apartment have air conditioning? It’s not standard in most Parisian apartments, so if you’ll be visiting during the summer this is something to know before you book.
  • Is the building on a busy street? Is there a cafe across the street that serves as a late-night hotspot? Will it be a noisy apartment? Or are there double-glazed windows so that you won’t hear as much of the noise?

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