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Search for cheap airfare to Paris and book a flight to Paris

airfrance1When you’re planning a big trip, your largest expenditure is almost always going to be your airline ticket. Even if you’re flying to a major city, if that city happens to be far away – say, across an ocean and into another country, for instance – that ticket isn’t going to come cheap. For many of the people who visit Paris each year, this is absolutely the case. And for others, the cost of a flight to Paris is what keeps them from booking the trip.

Which we at WhyGo Paris think is sad.

Those of us who live, eat, and breathe travel know that there are experts who have all kinds of tricks to help travelers find better deals on things they need for their trips – like hotels and airfare – but we also know that most travelers don’t have time to do the same kind of research travel experts do. So on this page you’ll find the best tips for finding cheap airfare to Paris – both articles that have appeared on WhyGo Paris, and general tips that we’ve found to be helpful. We’ll keep updating this page as we write more articles about cheap flights to Paris, but also keep your eye on the list of “Related Posts” to the right and at the bottom of this article for the latest travel advice.

WhyGo Paris Articles About Finding Cheap Airfare to Paris

  • Budget Airlines the Fly to Paris – You may have heard about all the budget airlines in Europe, but you may not know which ones fly into Paris. This article lists the discount airlines that fly into Paris’ three airports, as well as how to take advantage of their low fares (even if you don’t live in Europe already).
  • Alternate Airports in Paris – Most of us have heard of Paris’ biggest airport, Charles de Gaulle, but did you know you have a few other choices when it comes to flying into the French capital? Even if you end up flying into CDG, it’s always a good idea to check all your airport options when you’re looking for cheap fares.

Overall Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Paris

airfrance2It is abundantly clear why so many people want to visit Paris – and all at the same time, of course – but that does not mean you have to pay a fortune for it. Using these tips will help you save some money on your flight to Paris, and our airfare search engine at the top of this page will provide you with some great deals, too.

  • Travel to Paris in the low season – Paris may be busy year-round, but even this intensely popular city has a peak tourist season and a low season when there are fewer travelers and lower prices. In Paris, the low season is the winter, early spring, and late fall. At those times of the year you’ll often find airfare to Paris is half as much as it can cost in the height of the summer travel season. Yes, you’ll have to deal with weather in Paris that’s potentially less sunny and more rainy, but if that saves you significant amounts of money it could be worth it.
  • Fly into a different city & country – Although Paris has two major international airports, there are times when flying into a nearby airport like London Heathrow or Amsterdam Schiphol could be cheaper. If you find a great deal to one of those cities, that can work to your advantage – you will just need to buy a second ticket on a small European budget carrier (like easyJet or TUIfly) to make the short hop to Paris. (You could also take the train, if you have more time and want to experience something of a nostalgic travel method.) It takes a bit more planning and organization on your part, because the two segments of the trip will be completely unrelated to one another in the airline’s eyes, but it can sometimes save you quite a bit of money.
  • Know which airlines use Paris airports as hubs – France’s national carrier Air France uses Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport as a hub, and Paris Orly is a hub for Air France, Corsairfly, and easyJet, one of Europe’s biggest low cost carriers. It is sometimes helpful to check with these airlines to see if they have any special deals to Paris, since they fly in and out of the city so often.
  • Fly midweek – Weekends are the most expensive days to fly, because that is when there is the most demand from leisure travelers. Mondays can be in high demand as well, this time with business travelers. So flying on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday can make your airfare to Paris cheaper.

Some Major Airlines that Fly to Paris

To book a flight from the U.S. or Canada to Paris is easy. Getting the best price isn’t. You’ll find that some of the bigger companies have a code-share system – such as Air France with Delta and Lufthansa with United – so that it can be hard sometimes these days to tell whose plane and crew is actually taking you to France.

Although you might routinely fly with the same carriers in your own country, don’t rule out other airlines for your trip to Paris – like Air Tahiti Nui, with flights from Los Angeles to Paris – as they may have great deals or be offering a sale exactly when you want to go.

American Airlines that Fly to Paris

Canadian Airlines that Fly to Paris

Other Airlines that Fly from North America to Paris

And now that you have your airfare to Paris…

Once you’ve got your flight booked, you get to resume the fun part of trip planning – figuring out what you’re going to do when you’re on vacation! Here are just a few links to articles on WhyGo Paris that will help you get started filling up your Paris itinerary.

Bon voyage!

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