More on Hotels and Hostels

Finding hostels in Paris is not as easy as finding hostels in London and judging from what I’ve been reading from BNALL reviewers, finding a GOOD hostel is even more difficult. I’ve never stayed in a Paris hostel but it looks like the Woodstock Hostel 48 rue Rodier in the 9th arr has received two good reviews.

Peace and Love Hostel, 245 Rue La Fayette in the 10th arr received one good review and one not very good review.

Reviewers of some other hostels in town complained about problems ranging from impolite staff to bed bugs.




Another issue is location. The majority of Paris’s hostels tend to gravitate toward the northeastern section of the city. If you’re planning on spending time around Montmartre and Pigalle, this could be handy. The Woodstock Hostel is in the same sector as the Gare du Nord (if you plan on coming in with the Eurostar), but its neighborhood has been described as ‘dicey’ by some.

You can’t beat the price of hostels (which range from 18 Euros to 25 Euros) – or can you?

Another option to consider would be staying in a ‘chambre d’hote’ or a guest room in Parisians’ private homes. I came across one site offering a bedroom for app. 15 Euros per night in the 15th arr. which is a pretty good neighborhood for 15 Euros per night. In fact, it’s almost too good to be true, but maybe worth a phone call or an e-mail.

If you can’t find a hostel or a chambre d’hote in the neighborhood where you’d like to spend most of your time, the next best thing is to consider some of the small two-star or three-star hotels. Kyriad Hotel is a well-known chain here as well as Campanile and Ibis. These hotels tend to be sterile – but you shouldn’t have to worry about bed bugs either.