Hanging out at the Ritz

Paris Girl at the Ritz – Long, long ago.

Princess Diana spent her last night at the Ritz Hotel in Paris- and judging by the current rates, you had better be royalty or something close to royalty to even consider staying at this hotel. A simple room – plain vanilla – will set you back between 700 to 800 Euros for one night.

And just for the fun of it, take a look at the Prestige Suites – starting at 2000 Euros for the Chopin suite and finishing up with the Imperial suite, closing in on almost 10,000 Euros by the time you’ve checked out for the night.

Long, long ago I stayed at the Ritz – and unless some newly created republic is looking for a representative in Paris – it looks like any future visits will be strictly for drinks!




Hotel Ritz
15 Place Vendome

“If you’ve got the means – this is the ONLY place to stay in Paris!”

Nearby monuments and gardens:
The Obelisk
Place de la Concorde
Tuileries Gardens
Shopping: Rue St Honore

Ritz Hotel Macabre Trivia: Not only Princess Diana spent her last hours at the Ritz. Former US Ambassador to France, Pamela Harriman actually died in the Ritz swimming pool – in 1993. She used to go there for her daily swim.