Weather Update

Forget yesterday’s rain hat warning. Not a sign of a cloud in the sky today even though everyone was getting a whiff of rain in the air yesterday . . . The Paris weather has been exceptionally warm and pleasant for this spring – and “April in Paris” is actually being sung (with good reason). How long can this splendid weather last?

So, what am I doing on such a fine day? Arguing with plumbers – trekking back to the France Telecom office to drop off a Live Box which isn’t compatible with my outdated Mac. The Live Box (pronounced Leeve Boax) allows for wireless capability and is supposedly confusing to set up – even for people who do speak fluent French – try setting it up with tech assistance in French – and then go back to the instruction book to find out that your Mac is not compatible. The moral of this story is Read the book first – if you can’t read in French, well, tant pis i.e. tough luck.

Then there’s the plumbing bill – 441 Euros to change a bathroom faucet and and toilet flush – known as highway robbery. The moral of this story is don’t do ANYTHING without a written estimate first.


Visitors to Paris, if you wonder why Parisians look perpetually grouchy – it may be because they’re spending a lovely spring day fighting and screaming over inflated bills, returning equipment that doesn’t interface with their computers, etc. I had planned on spending the afternoon visiting one of my favorite churches in teh 12th – I may still get there depending on when the guy from the ‘Syndic’ comes to put a new lock on the basement storage unit – which they ripped off to fix a leak that wasn’t there. (Sorry for this rant!)

Anybody in their right mind is getting out of town for the long weekend ‘le pont’ or the bridge going from Saturday to Tuesday night – May 1st being a public holiday.
Which means Saturday we can go dance in the streets.

2 thoughts on “Weather Update

  • Angélique Lutzner

    I feel sorry about all the ‘casse-têtes’ you bump in in your wonderful Parisian life, especially for plumming. I always fear the plummer which is an incompetent or a swindler
    “Il faut prendre son mal en patience !” comme on dit.

  • parisgirl

    Thanks Angelique for your sympathy. In this case, the plumber himself seems to be a very nice guy and certainly knows how to do his job – but life in Paris is ‘many-layered’ so that you can have a very qualified ‘compagnon’ arrive on your doorstep, do a good job, and the surprise arrives afterwards. So, to quote the directer of our ‘syndic’ who’s first words were: “Did you get an estimate – (called a devis in French)?” Before you have any work done in Paris, GET AN ESTIMATE!. Yes, unfortunately, even for something so simple as a leaky faucet.

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