Tour de France

Sunday, July 29th the Tour de France will finish up its last 130 km leg of yet another alledgedly ‘enhanced’ event.

The last day’s race will begin at the Centre National de Rugby’s training center at Marcoussis and will end at the Arc de Triomphe on Paris’s Champs Elysees.

Parisinfo suggests ‘if you’ve never seen this event, it’s a can’t miss’. If you do choose to go to the Champs this Sunday, go early and stake out your spot at one of the cafes near Charles de Gaulle Etoile.




You’ll note that some of the hopefuls for winning this year’s race (mentioned on the Parisinfo site i.e. Vinokourov and Moreau) will not be going home wrapped in glory.

Given all the press coverage concerning ‘dopage’ you’d think eventually it would sink in. Or is greed that so blinding?

If the athletes cannot say ‘no’, those that view sporting events can say ‘no’.