Titian at the Luxembourg Palace Museum

Parisians turned out in force that past Sunday to visit the Titian Portraits of Power exhibit at the Luxembourg museum (which is located right next to the Senate building). Titian, one of the titans of the Late Italian Renaissance may be known by most Americans for his lush nudes (or unexercised depending upon your perspective) but in the Venice of his time, this was the guy that anybody who was anyone sought out to have their portraits (and wealth)immortalized. Some of the aristocrats and merchants featured in his paintings look as if they’re supplicating the Master Painter – “Please, make me look good!” There is no mistake at this time period that ‘the armor made the man’. Do you think next fall season we’re going to see a new line of suits ‘blinde’ i.e. armored suits?
As for Titian’s nudes – there is only one at this exhibit. We felt that her head appeared to be quite small for the rest of her body. Was this the hints of the Mannerist movement taking hold. Or did Titian just feel that brainpower simply wasn’t a prerequisite for his female models. Fidelity, Purity and Fertility. (Represented by the cute little dog, a string of pearls, and the perdrix (partridge).)