Tis the Season to Strike

Once again, the school kids have just gotten settled into a routine – the Parisians are all back in town – just the right time for a strike.

The purpose of this strike was to oppose the current government’s stance on small businesses’ right to dismiss employees without cause. Apparently the majority of French workers disagree with the government on this issue, but what about the small business owners? Haven’t heard their side of the story because naturally they are still working. I called up friends Nathalie and Fabrice – he was home taking care of the kids today because school had been canceled. The sun was shining. Is it just coincidence that the sun always seems to be shining on the first day of a strike?


2 thoughts on “Tis the Season to Strike

  • RJ

    France Violence. You people need to get it together.

    1-Impose an immediate curfew
    2-Issue a state of emergency and deploy troops to affected areas.
    3-Order officers when engaged in live fire to defend themselves and shoot to kill.
    4-Deport individuals involved and ban them for life

  • Minet


    You cannot deport the kids rioting. They are French citizens.

    I’m assuming you’re American by your vigilante attitude and attitude toward using force against French citizens. Having seen the way your government handles anti-war protesters, this is no surprise.

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