Thought for the Day: US Elections 2008

When in France, it’s impossible to avoid talking politics, so with that subject in mind, France (a friend’s first name) and I began discussing the possible contenders for presidential elections in the USA for 2008. This is what we’ve come up with:

Condoleezza Rice vs. Hilary Clinton
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That is not to say that other people have not been discussing this possibility. Check out

One thought on “Thought for the Day: US Elections 2008

  • callista

    Beautiful blog…informative and personal at the same time…I particularly like the silent film
    references and film reviews…will you also do a rochesterblog?

    Hi Callista! Pourquoi pas? Part of the reason I’ve called this blog – Paris and Beyond is to create a link between Paris and many parts of the world -including Rochester, NY. But why not eventually a Rochester blog?

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