Theres nothing so Grand as a Grandparent in France

The job of grandparenting is taken very seriously in France and there’s no doubt in my mind that the cohesiveness of families has to be thanks to the dedication of grandparents who are there to take care of grandkids not only for a week in the summer, but throughout the year, maybe even every Wednesday which is the day most schoolkids have their mid-week break. With most of the families we know grandparents may play an even bigger role in crucial points in a grandchild’s years of education. They may provide full time lodging so that the child can attend a particular school. Parents often take separate vacations and leave their grandchildren with Grandmere and Grandpere for several weeks. The unique role of adults other than the parents extends also to Godparents who have a major impact on the kids they are chosen to guide. Although French kids may not be so crazy about having two sets of grandparents – in addition to their own parents telling them what to do, there are benefits such as having a huge safety net of people who care about you and watch out for you. Sometimes it’s easier to accept criticism from a grandparent than from a parent. Probably the biggest deterrent to combating drug use is the strength of the French extended family.