Souvenir Shopping? Or shopping for Memories?

There’s an unspoken distinction between travelers and tourists.
Travelers don’t buy souvenirs. If that’s the case, I know in which category I will be forever classified.

So for those of you who are also doomed to participate in the last minute souvenir shopping (when you could have been having an expresso in the cafe), here’s one souvenir shop in Paris where you’re sure to be well received:
It’s called the Maison de Paris, located on 5 quai de Montebello in the 5th Arrondissement. Metro: St. Michel.
If you are visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, you need only walk across the bridge in front of the Cathedral, heading toward the Left Bank which should bring you directly to the Maison de Paris.
There are zillions of souvenir shops in Paris and the only reason I’m mentioning this particular shop is because of the owner who did an incredible thing. We had purchased a framed print to be mailed to Los Angeles. He had offered to mail the print directly to L.A. for us. The print never arrived. Unfortunately, he had not insured the package because he had never had a problem with packages arriving (except once, he said, and that was also a package sent to LA). After we confirmed that the package never arrived, he found he had another framed artists’ print and he sent the second framed print at no additional charge. I thought that was a pretty nice thing to do and so the Maison de Paris would be the place I’d return if I were ever going to do some more souvenir shopping in Paris. (but I think I’d pack any purchases rather than try mailing them!).
The ‘souvenirs’ include engravings, original water colors, oil paintings, hand-painted Limoges porcelain, Gault miniature houses, hand-woven tapestries and porcelain dolls. It’s a good place for serious tourists and maybe even a curious traveler.