Scorsese’s next project – in Paris?

You remember my earlier post – Christina’s pick for this year’s Academy Awards’ Best Picture Oscar award was Scorsese’s The Departed (or Les Infiltres as it was titled in France)?
Wish I had a penny for Mr. Scorsese’s thoughts just before they announced his name as Best Director? Peter O’Toole did not win an award for his role in Venus – and was Scorsese thinking to himself – hey, the clock is ticking away here for some of us icons.

Yet, I never doubted for a moment that this was truly Mr. Scorsese’s best film. Thanks Research girl and David, for making sure that I did NOT miss this film.
That being said, the exceptional outflow of talent, I would not have wanted to choose between the likes of Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Penelope Cruz – this was one year when you would have liked to draw and quarter pour old Oscar so that everyone received their fair share of the praise. Best is a relative term sometimes when it comes to acting. How was it possible that so many actors and actresses this past year appeared to be totally in tune with their characters?




Although the French media hasn’t given as much coverage to the movies as the fashion this year (maybe because the French film industry wasn’t in the limelight), some of you may be interested to know that Martin Scorsese has purchased an option to the children’s novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret illustrated book by Brian Selznick, about an orphaned child who lives in the rail stations in post World War I, 1930s Paris. If the film crew is looking for movie extras – let us know at Paris Logue!

P.S. Did anyone also notice a reference was made to The Departed being originally based on a Japanese film? (That happened early in the evening. then I noticed later on in the evening – it was mentioned that the film was based on a a film made in Hong Kong. Was that a research blooper?)