Rugby World Cup Tickets:Never Too Late

September 7th is just around the corner – the opening match of the Rugby World Cup games in Paris (St. Denis) at Stade de France. France vs. Argentina.

Even though the games are officially sold out, there are still some possibilities of buying tickets . According to the official site, you should click on the event you’d like to attend and where it says ‘unavailable’ you should click once more to bring up the e-mail message screen. Fill in your e-mail contact information and who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky.

Maybe you have no plans to attend the Rugby World Cup while being in Paris, but you might just be pulled in by the excitement of being in Paris during the events – if that gets you to wondering why you don’t know more about this sport which is played in over 100 countries – including Tonga, maybe it’s time to learn a little bit more. Fan with a Plan is a good place to start (which explains the basics of the game) without being as wordy as the the Wikipedia links which I’ve used in the past.
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