Rugby World Cup Goes Green

France’s minister of the environment, Jean-Louis Borloo wants the Rugby World Cup 2007 to be ‘ecolo’ or ecologically correct. He’s setting the standard high: “After the Sydney games, it will be the biggest ecologically responsible event of the planet.”

Whew – that will be a tough goal to fulfill. First of all, do all those rugby fans know ahead of time that they will be expected to be ecologically responsible?




Borloo goes on to explain in his interview with Le Parisien yesterday that water will be recuperated from the lawns. Train travel will be used over airplanes. Photovoltaique energy will be generated from the St. Etienne roof (??) if I understood correctly – but please don’t ask me what photovoltaique energy IS. etc. etc.
Go ask Gregoire!

If you plan on attending the Rugby World Cup – and you haven’t left Tonga or Auckland yet, I don’t think you’ll make it in time if you’re planning on arriving via outrigger.