Photography in Paris

The description at the Bibliotheque Nationale, 58 Rue Richelieu describes the humanist photography movement of the fifties and sixties as an concerted effort after the war years to recapture the the ‘Frenchness’ of France. Two government branches, including one dealing with tourism commissioned some of the photographic projects of the time period. What’s interesting about this exhibit is the way photographers chose to portray not only Paris but life in the Paris suburbs – which was not exactly what the project organizers intended. You will see in this exhibit some of the photos that we really associate with French life (a husband slicing a loaf of bread with his pocket knife while his wife stands beside him), wonderful shots of schoolkids with their bookbags and you will also see a miner changing into street clothes after a day in the mines, a homeless couple – that stands proudly, you’ll see street kids and the ‘housing projects’ of the day. This is an exhibit not to be missed. This velvety black and white world is a world of dreams and is much responsible for our impressions of what is fundamentally ‘very French’. For more event info, check out: