Parisgirl’s Favorite French Blog -2008

French Word-a-Day remains Parisgirl’s #1 favorite. If you’re eager to brush up on your French vocabulary – I could suggest no better place to begin – and continue to learn new words in context. Here’s a recent post which I cherish – not only for the great cat photo but also for the meatiness of the content. Word for the Day ‘pppp’

Kristin, your Dad may have said you think too much, but we are the lucky ones to benefit from your deep thoughts. Anyone who has ever spoken disparagingly of the literary calibre of blogging need only spend a little time at French-Word-a Day – and you can rest assured that wordsmithing is alive and well on the internet.


Past Favorites: 2007

C’est So Paris! (has moved to Myspace) Here’s one French Lesson for the expression ‘Singing Like a Saucepan’ or ‘Chanter Comme Une Casserole’.
French lessons, what does “Chanter comme une casserole” mean

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