Paris Global Warming Conference

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While France and parts of upstate New York have experienced an unseasonably mild December ’06, in September of ’05, Iceland recorded its coldest September. In spite of the Sept 2005 fluke, evidence of receding glaciers a little more each year has been noted by Iceland residents.

Le Parisien reports today that Paris will be the ‘environmental’ capital at least for this week. President Jacques Chirac is inaugurating the first conference to be held to discuss ‘une gouvernance ecologique mondiale’. Which might be loosely translated as a worldwide plan for dealing with ecological issues’.

Specifically, the discussion will focus on creating a sort of environmentally focused United Nations. The sujects will range from the recession of glaciers, the rise in sea levels and emissions of gases from fossil fuels and oil.




Thursday the organization Alliance for the Planete is asking people to symbolically turn out their lights for five minutes as a gesture toward conserving energy. ‘Give Earth a Break’.

The Eiffel Tower will be ‘sans lumiere’ from 7 :55 pm to 8 pm on Thursday night.

49 percent of French people believe that global warming will be a key issue for mankind during this century.
61 percent of French people responding to a poll said they’d be willing to cut back on using their cars if it would help the environment.

Former U.S. vice-president, Al Gore’s book on global warming has been selling like hotcakes.

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