On the way to the Computer Shop

Exit Metro stop: Notre Dame de la Lorrette and take Rue Bourdelou following the left facade of Trinite church (this is the church where the composer Olivier Messiaen used to play the organ on Sundays. People used to wait at the exit from the choir loft, hoping for an autograph. Some of us did get autographs from the composer who claimed he was inspired by listening to birdsongs.
On Rue Bourdelou and Notre Dame de la Lorrette, there’s all sorts of delis, bakeries and salons du the which may make you forget where you’re supposed to be going. For example there was Bertrand’s Cake shop – its front door shows a map leading from Bertrand’s to the Musee de la Vie Romantique. Natural bakeries, caviar, foie gras. Where was I going again? Computers. That’s right. Going to the Right Bank is always a holiday. Everything just looks so much bigger – and business like. Banks and more banks. huge doors leading to enormous courtyards. Suits. Suits everywhere you look. Serious shoppers. Undernourished women of a certain age. Right bank is where you go to get things done – then it’s nice to come back again to Montparnasse – be it ever so humble.