Moving Stuff?

There is nothing like backpacking. Being able to throw all of your worldly possessions in a backpack and hit the road is a great gift. This is not our case – we are not exactly ‘home’ anywhere – which means we have stuff scattered all over the place. So how do you pack up a bunch of stuff in the US and send it to France if you don’t work for a large corporation that’s footing the bill? You look for international movers. We found one such company called Allied Arthur Pierre through which is trying to help us through the process. I noticed that their website is currently not working so I hope to have an update on that site when it is back on line.

If you are planning on moving your belongings from the US to France, you will need to provide a moving company with a copy of your passeport, a certificat de non cession (which is a document stating that the items belong to you legally and that you have no intention of selling them upon arrival in France), proof of residency in France, and a transfer affidavit. Your moving company will assist you with these documents.

If you are a non-resident, you will have to pay a customs tax on the total value of the items you are moving which can range from 6% to 12 %.




We already had some experience with this when we tried to donate a baby carriage to the Musee du landau. Even though we were donated the baby carriage, French customs demanded almost 100 Euros in taxes. (The value of the baby carriage was about $350 U.S. so you can see that the customs charge was way out of wack with what you would expect if you’re shipping through a moving company. For this reason, I would definitely recommend finding an a shipping company rather than trying to do shipping on your own. We did this twice for the baby carriage and some art work. Each time cost us app 100 Euros.

Let us know if you have had good or bad moving experiences that you’d like to share with Paris Logue readers.