Je ne suis Pas La pour etre aime

Je Ne Suis Pas La Pour Etre Aime, starring Patrick Chesnais and Anne Cosigny, directed by Stephane Brize. This film has been out in theaters for some time now, but it deserves mention. If you haven’t seen Patrick Chesnais yet, you must do so. He is brilliant and Anne Consigny is no slouch either. The plot is pretty simple. A ‘huissier’ or an evictions agent has no life. He joins a tango class to get a life and meets soon to be married Francoise.
The beauty of French cinema is taking a simple plot that could be horribly cliched or trite and letting the actors and actresses squeeze every ounce of emotion out of every scene.
The most perfect moment in this film has to be the Francoise and Jean-Claude’s (Patrick Chesnais)first tango. The gestures are spare and heartrendingly potent.