More on Titian and Fashionable Armor

If you remember in my entry about the Titian exhibit at Luxembourg gardens, I wondered if Italian Renaissance armor would be the fashion statement for next Fall, 2007. Well, guess what’s featured in Harper’s Bazaar (November issue) on P.251? Check out Anthony Ward’s fashion photos, and in particular, you’ll note John Galliano for Dior’s hooded dress is accessorized with METALLIC ARMOR.
The price for this accessory is not listed. Rather the advert tells readers the price is available upon request. I’m going to call up – just out of curiosity – what does a good piece of armor cost these days? If you find you’re getting curious about body armor, I definitely would recommend visiting Les Invalides military museum to check out some of the exquisite Italian designed armor, created for the kings, princes and assorted aristos of Renaissance Europe. By the way, Galliano’s hooded metallic dress is not bad either.