Le Talk de Paris

So here’s the story. France24.com on Le Talk de Paris sets a time like last night December 8th when you can ask questions of the ‘leaders of the World’. They choose the specific ‘leader of the world’ and you use your webcam and you can ask your questions. However, if you’re looking at this video on the 9th, as I’m doing now, you get to see the people asking the questions, but where are the answers? I guess you had to be there on the night of December 8th to get the answers. In any case, it’s interesting to see who’s asking the questions. There were two videos from New York asking questions about the future of Turkey in the European Union, and the 35 hour work week. Another video in French asks why the freedom of speech assigned to the written word does not translate to video/television media ?? I think I missed the context of this question. The major difference between French television and U.S. television is the Audio Visual television tax. This is a tax that each television owner must pay to the French government on an annual basis for the privilege of being hammered with ‘publicite’ i.e. advertising. I’m guessing that the television tax would support television that we might call ‘public broadcasting’. When I’m in Paris, I don’t watch television very often – primarily because we don’t have a television. Check out this sessions video questions: Questions for Barroso.http://www.dailymotion.com/group/22180/video/xrhbr_question-for-barroso