Jonathan Littell is officially French

According to Marie-Laure Combes March 9th AP story,became an official French citizen last Wednesday, but retains his American citizenship. His book Les Bienveillantes – The Kindly Ones, will be published by Harper Collins in 2008. You can read some of my past entries about Jonathan Little:
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Apparently, meritorious actions, contributing to the ‘glory of France’ are a justified reason for granting citizenship. According to Combes, Littell had already tried two times to become a French citizen and was turned down because one must live at least six months out of the year in France to be considered for citizenship.

Just think, if everyone waiting in lines for visas starting thinking about how they could contribute to the glory of the country where they were deciding to hang their hat.

Combes also mentions Littells’ work with a French charitable organization which aided Bosnia, Chechnya and Congo. Thanks Research Girl for forwarding this story to me from your Earthlink newsfeed.