Joke for the Day

Here’s a joke contributed by Ken:

Two French poodles are walking along the Champs Elysees. Along comes an American mutt.
He decides to strike up a conversation with the poodles but he doesn’t speak French.
“Hi what’s your name?”
The first one says: “Mimi. That’s m -i – m -i”
The second one says: “Fifi. That’s f – i- f-i”

And Fido replies: “I’m Fido. That’s p-h-y-d-a-u-x.”




That’s the first French Lesson.

The second French lesson is contributed by Jean-Pierre:

A French sailor is walking down the Champs Elysees and sees a beautiful American tourist and he wants to take her out on the town, but he doesn’t speak much English.
He says to her: “When can I take you out on a date?”
She replys “Never.”
He replies: “Neuve heure, neuve-heure-et-demie, Ca m’est egale. (Nine o’clock. Nine Thirty. It doesn’t matter to me.)