Japanese vs. French Tourists

There are so many good articles today in Le Parisien that, without trying to sound redundant, do take the opportunity to brush up on your French – pick up a copy if you’re in town – or check out their site for daily news. The past articles such as these that I mention have already been archived.

Today’s Le Parisien features articles on two tourist nationalities, the French and the Japanese. Of the two countries, French tourists do not get a very good rating according the a poll taken of 15000 hotel personnel. Meanwhile, the Japanese tourists in Paris may have to worry about catching an ailment that has nothing to do with germs. According to today’s story “Les touristes japonais victimes du ‘syndrome de Paris’ the ‘dream city of Paris’ does not live up to expectations of some Japanese visitors.

Although this may be true for visitors from many different countries, apparently it makes a certain percentage of Japanese visitors depressed to the point of searching for medical help.




On the other hand, the French tourist, according to the featured survey A l’Etranger, le francais n’est jamais content’</em> has been criticized as being unable or unwilling to speak any language but French, forgetting to say please and thank you, unwilling to try foreign food, and rarely satisfied.

The Japanese tourist has been designated by European hotel personnel as being the most polite and respectful visitors.

So, in the final analysis, who fares better? The polite, but, depressed and disillusioned, the impolite and dissatisfied, or the person who just decided to stay home and watch travel videos (or read travel blogs!)? Something to think about.