It’s almost Halloween in Paris

Several years ago, Halloween was virtually unknown in France. Nowadays, it seems like parties and pumpkin are popping up everywhere. If you haven’t check out, the official City of Paris website, now is the time to do say. Many of the parties going on at nightclubs, as well as events for kids are listed under the special Halloween heading.
This is, by far, one of the most useful Paris websites. It lists today’s temperature – there’s a currency converter.
We decided to start Halloween off early by striking up a conversation with the Golden Dragon cat at the Tea and Tattered Pages. You probably won’t believe this, but I let the cat choose a book for me. (I had been thinking about looking for a book about Catherine the Great to inspire me to finish my Crimea travel video. The cat led the way downstairs to the History section, but scooted straight past that section and took me to the Crime and Mysteries corner. Actually, Golden Dragon picked out two books – one for me ‘ “The White goddess” by Robert Graves about the language of poetic myth – and for Christopher “The House of Cards” by Michael Dobbs. (I never did find a book on Catherine the Great or the Crimea). If you’d like the cat to pick out a book for you, you need to go to The Tea and Tattered Pages on Rue Mayet (Metro: Duroc is closed for construction) but it’s a pleasant walk from the Boulevard Montparnasse (Metro: Montparnasse).