Hat Attack

Hat display at Divine, 39 rue Daguerre
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

‘Simply Divine’ at Divine
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

It’s really hard for me to walk past Divine my favorite hat shop on Rue Daguerre Metro: Denfert Rochereau without – at least- peeking in the window.
With June weddings, polo – and horse racing season just around the corner – not to mention the exceptionally sunny weather this past week, it seems like everybody and her sister were trying on hats at Divine today.
Window display at Divine
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

“We just had a new shipment” one of the clerks told me – and considering that Divine is a rather small boutique to begin with, wherever there weren’t women trying on hats, every imaginable size, color and shape of hat populated shelves and counter tops.




Certainly there are other very fine hat shops in and around Paris. The NY Times listed about half a dozen of them in an article that I will eventually unearth from a stack of papasserie – but I noted that some of the NY Times shops were couture shops on Faubourg Honore – and just between you and me – the price of a really nice ‘ready to wear’ hat is already a big, big splurge for most of us. If you have trouble justifying buying an item that you may just wear once or twice in your life – after looking at some of these photos, you’ll understand that it’s more a question of buying art that you happen to prop on top of your head rather than hang in your living room or ‘salon’ if you like.

The owner of A La Recherche de Jane at 41 Rue Dauphine, Tel: 01 43 25 26 46. Metro: St. Germain des Pres told me that she’s noted a strong comeback for hats in the past fifteen years. At La Recherche de Jane, you can also find men’s hats.

And if you needed yet another good excuse to go to Ile St. Louis (aside from ice cream), stop in at Le Grain de Sable 79 Rue St. Louis en l”Ile, 75004. (Cross the bridge behind Notre Dame de Paris and turn on your first right after the long line for ice cream). Le Grain de Sable has handbags and jewelry as well as hats – but the hats are lovely.


Finally, if you’re headed to the Albert Kahn park in Boulogne Billancourt, you can make a hat detour at Elle Pour Lui, 90 ave du General Leclerc. Tel. 01 49 09 13 36 Metro: Boulogne Billancourt which also has handbags, scarfs and accessories. If the hats don’t catch you first, the handbags will.

P.S. Tomorrow you may may be wishing for a rain hat!

2 thoughts on “Hat Attack

  • colleen

    I love the hats in those photos! I’ve had an urge to buy a pretty straw hat this month; don’t know why. Memories of many years of Easter bonnets, perhaps? 😉 Thanks for the shop names, and I like your idea of ‘art you prop on top of your head …’ Exactly.

  • parisgirl

    Yes. Easter bonnets bring back good memories for me too, but a hat can also be very romantic – if you find just the right hat! One of the straw hats in Divine\’s window made may think of old Audrey Hepburn films circa 1960s. Hats can also look very pretentious . . . there\’s a very fine line … and that\’s the challenge. When and if you do find your hat – send a photo to post on Parislogue!

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