Grand Palais – the show we didn’t see

Thursday night, we decided to amble over to the Grand Palais to have a look at the recently finished restoration project. We rushed up to the door to buy our tickets (the line wasn’t very long, surprisingly), but we found out the reason why: 20 Euros per person to get into the special showing of contemporary art. I noticed that the majority of people scurrying past us held an invitation tightly in hand – ahh those coveted invitations to cultural events! So, here was the question? How badly did we want to see this show, and how badly did we want to see the interior of the Grand Palais? The desk clerk told us that if we wanted to see the other part of the museum – where they had another show, the entrance was around the corner (facing the Rond Point/Champs Elysees Metro). But, we wouldn’t have access to the renovated part of the museum. Finally we took a quick look in through the front door – and we’d save a Euros for another day – and another exhibition.