Getting the Real News: Le Parisien

They say it’s useful to travel just to get a different perspective on your own country. Big News in the US and Big News in France are two different things – especially when it comes to how news in the US is covered. Just to give you an example, in today’s July 16th cover of Le Parisien, the ‘Fait du Jour’ or ‘Happening today’ focused on Troy Davis.Just for comparison’s sake, take a look at where this news issue rates in today’s CNN headlines (it doesn’t get posted under top headlines, for the South, the big story is girls getting attacked by Flying Fish!) The only mention of the 90-Day stay is posted under the feed. If it weren’t for the headline, Troy Davis wouldn’t have even made the CNN page.
Now, if you had been watching Wolf Blitzer and Lou Dobbs last night on CNN, you might have thought that the ‘news of the day’ might have been the role teletexting played in the horrific car crash which instantly killed five recent high school grads in Fairport, New York.

Meanwhile, Troy Davis, awaiting execution for his conviction of killing a security guard/police officer didn’t make this segment of Dobbs/Blitzer world on CNN.




Nevertheless, Troy Davis’s face is splashed across the page of ‘Le Parisien’ in ‘Fait du Jour’ and I’m wondering – wow this guy is going to DIE this afternoon!!! And there’s supposedly one of the nine witnesses that originally pinned the crime on Troy Davis apparently bragged that he did the killing and Davis took the rap. Of the nine ‘witnesses’, seven have recanted, one is missing and the ninth, Sylvester Coles is also nowhere to be found by news reporters. Witnesses who signed an affidavit that Coles confessed to the crime did not testify.

The latest AP (Atlantic Journal Constitution) news on Troy Davis’s case is that he will NOT die today after all … now he has until October …As one comment posted on Matthew Yglesias’ blog “Not Dead Yet”noted – the fact that Troy Davis is on death row is lucky – at least somebody has noticed. People have definitely noticed in Europe. When will we?