Get Ready for the Academy Awards in Paris

If you haven’t seen Scorsese’s The Departed yet, you should! This is Christina’s pick for Best Picture Academy Award Winner this year. It opened in Paris movie theaters in November, but if you’re looking for its French title, ‘Les Infiltres’ is the translation. Here’s a site for screenings.

Some of the French critics
have given Scorsese ten out of ten for the performance he has elicited from DiCaprio, Nicholson and Damon. Scorsese’s film is particularly poignant because he is addressing the issue of allegiances in a world that’s become more and more obscure. No one any longer has a clear idea of allegiances and hanging onto one’s own identity has become a major challenge for many. It is particularly fitting that the hero (DiCaprio) wants his identity more than anything (Money, Recognition, or even the Girl).




Scorsese’s Departed is not only the film of the year – it should be the film of the millenium – brilliant in every way. Congratulations! By the way, is anyone else a little concerned that the only one who survives in this story is the shrink?