Gems from the ‘Bac’

If there’s one word that will have French students trembling in their boots – it’s ‘BAC’ the ‘make-or-break’ college entrance exams that resemble SAT exams in some ways but are much more a rite of passage for French students than their American counterpart. If you successfully pass your ‘BAC’, the halls of higher education are opened to you – and who knows, you may even one day become president !Here are some examples of answers to this dreaded exam – from some students who may not necessarily be presidential material :

This is a translation of the « Les Perles du Bac 2006 »kindly passed along to me from Huguette. Merci, Huguette !
They’re here. The pearls of the BAC (2006)

Just like Bonaparte, Julius Caesar could dictate several letters at the same time.

Dolmens were types of bus shelters posted every hundred meters.

The history of Rome began in 753, Avenue Jesus Christ.




The Amazons were like women but even more mean.

Joan of Arc saw invisible apparitions.

In the Middle Ages, good health hadn’t yet been invented.

Francis I was the son of Francis 0.

It was Richelieu who founded the French Star Academy.

Louis XV was the great grandson of his uncle Louis XIV.
(And you thought French history was confusing ?)

War is strange but it doesn’t make anyone laugh.

In the world, only France is not a foreign country.
(This one I liked the best – Maybe this student will become a politician).