Foire de Paris is approaching! May 12-22

If you’re lucky enough to be in Paris this month, don’t miss the 101st Foire de Paris .
After all, somebody has to appreciate this great chance to do a little wine tasting along with a dab of foie gras.

The Paris Fair at Porte de Versailles is a conglomeration of everything applicable to the ‘art of living’. You’ll find an entire building devoted to wines and regional products. Also there are halls specializing in furniture design, interior and exterior design, appliances. An entire hall features international crafts. You can easily spend a day here wandering around. This is a chance to see what trends are developing in French home design – for those interested design -otherwise it’s the ideal spot to tease the tastebuds.
At the 99th Foire de Paris, I discovered a particularly scrumptious mountain cheese that rarely makes it to the cheese platters in restaurants – these are some of the treats you might find. This was the kind of cheese that melts in your mouth, sweet and pungent, and what WAS it called again? Salers.