First Hundred Days continues

Yesterday, Aujoudhui newspaper or Le Parisien in Paris (
published the ‘official picture’ of Nicolas Sarkozy which will appear in all of France’s mairies i.e. ‘soon to appear in a mairie near you’.

I took a picture of our village mayor, Pierre Espaldet, in front of Charles de Gaulle – or I could have taken his picture of former president Jacques Chirac. Now, the former president will have to move over one slot to make room for President Nicolas Sarkozy’s picture.

During election week, Aujourdhui also took a featured a photo of Nicolas Sarkozy in 1976 –




that was the year I went to school at the Sorbonne (didn’t we all look better than?).

I would include the name of the photographer of this brilliant photo, but neither Aujourdhui, nor the Economist who used the same photo in their May 12th issue bothered to give photo credits. Too bad, the photog deserves mention – especially when you consider you can find a similar likeness if you take a scenic boatride along the Seine River.
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2006

A name for some of these stone sculptures you see along the Seine are called mascaron. I will write more on that later.