Pret-a-Porter – Ready or Not for Autumn/Fall 2005

If you’re a fashion addict – or if you like to have a good laugh at what is called STYLE – you can check out the latest photos either in Le Figaro or The New York Times because it’s fashion runway time again in Paris.

Most of us will never make it to a Paris designer’s fashion show (some could care less), but if you are more than curious (like me), the next best thing to being there is reading Sarah Turnbulls’s book,
Almost French. Turnbull succeeds in attending some of the top designers’ shows i.e. Christian LaCroix. There are a dozen other good reasons to read this book if you plan on spending much time in Paris. Turnbull keeps her sense of humor as an Australian journalist trying to find a place in Paris to call her own.
She not only delves into the world of fashion, but also the world of dog owners. Peculiar things happen when she becomes a dog owner -she observes how total strangers will offer unasked for advice about caring for what they believe to be a neglected dog, in desperate need of a more fashionable cut. Ah, Paris.

Here’s another good substitute for the runway. Pick up a copy of
Altman’s movie, “Pret-a-Porter”. Like Nashville, Pret-a-Porter captures the total zaniness of microcosms that take themselves too seriously.