Fashion: Skirt Length and Feeling Right

Penelope Cruz may not have walked away for an Oscar for her role in Volver, but she should get an award for what she has done for promoting knee-length skirts.

What skirt length is in style? The simple answer to this question is, just wear jeans and forget about skirts forever. You may never even bother to pack a dress or skirt if you plan on staying for one or two weeks in Paris, but eventually skirt length can be an issue. Also, if you plan on going outside of Paris, do not bring your micro-mini to Normandy. Even in Paris, you’ll find that streetwear tends to be conservative. Necklines may plunge in the nightclubs and on the evening news – but skirt lengths tend to remain either just above the knee or calf-length.

Last October, Lydie pulled me aside after I had tried to squeeze one last wear out of my faded denim mini skirt (on a beach boardwalk in Normandy). “You know, even if a woman is thin, after ‘a certain age’ you really SHOULDN’T BE WEARING SHORT SKIRTS!”




Okay, I got the message. Then Seeing Penelope Cruz locked it in place. Skirts can be very sexy – if you get the cut and the length on target. So it comes as no surprise that SOME of the designers have caught on to what Almoldovar must know instinctively (or at least his costume designers). A good example would be some of the Oscar de la Rentas featured in Le Figaro’s fashion line-up.
Check out for this photo and more from the Oscar de la Renta collection.
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You’ll see from the photo below (circa 1980s -in the Tuileries) that there’s nothing new under the sun, just good old basic black. No need to get suckered into fashion designers’ love affair with graphics, with bows, billows and bustles.

Helen Mirren had it right when she gave Christian LaCroix the best compliment a designer can receive when she said she just felt right wearing it.