Fall Colors – Chocolate Brown – the new Black?

The shop windows are touting gray. No one is listening – the same way last year the shop windows tried to push plum – and no one was listening (except me because I’ve always liked that color and would wear it regardless).
Maybe it’s the weather – it’s basically been too warm in Paris to feel right about wearing black. So, amazingly the mood has shifted to chocolate brown. Does this have anything to do with the Chocolate Convention that will be be kicking off any day now at the Convention Center at Porte de Versaille? But there’s definitely a shift from black to brown in streetwear. What we saw today on Paris’s right bank were: many shades of brown interspersed with pastel pinks, blues and even lime green. The average skirt length is longer except for the occaisional winter white mini or jeans mini with leggings. Opaque stockings are everywhere along with thicker, striped leggings. Boots are practically ‘de rigueur’.
And as for black – well – yes, it’s still there – but usually in tandem with bright red, orange, or fuschia. It hasn’t been raining much yet and people are rejoicing by bringing a little bit of color into their lives.