Election Forecasts

This Sunday, French voters go to the voting booths to voice their choice – electronically. It’s the paper-free, eco-friendly election. Already the Greens have won a victory for the trees. But with no paper trail, some voters are getting edgy.

As for the end results – regarding Sarko/Sego?
Round and round she goes – and where she stops – nobody knows. This is the truth in France. Nobody knows, yet everybody thinks they know, and to quote a great movie quote:
“If when you know, you NEVER know!” (By the way, that’s the trivia question for today – do you know what movie has this quote in the dialogue?).

So, here’s my prediction. For this weekend’s run-off vote – it’s a no-brainer. Segolene Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy have been the main contenders since the beginning – and I think they’ll come through the first round with ease.




But the million dollar question, is, who will be France’s next President – or should I say who will win the election – or should I say who will win the most votes? It’s very interesting that this is the first time it was decided to try out the computerized ballot system. Given that the election results between Sarkozy and Royal will be close, I can guarantee you one thing – whoever loses will undoubtedly demand a recount. But how?

Now, if I were going to predict the voting outcome – I’d say that many more people will be voting for Segolene Royal than the pollsters would have tallied (because for many reasons, people like to keep their votes to themselves).

So, this is my guess – there will be many more votes for Segolene Royal than anyone would have expected. But finally, when all is said and done, and the votes will be recounted – undoubtedly – one way or anothr, Nicolas Sarkozy will be France’s next president.
BTW – this is just a guess which is no better than anyone else’s. One thing that everyone can agree upon, this election year has to be one of the most riveting in recent history.