Discrimination vs. the ‘fight against terrorism’. Are there any easy answers?

The recent measures to take away the security badges of a number of baggage workers at CDG who purportedly associated with radical Muslim organizations has created political fodder for the upcoming presidential elections. Reading Le Figaro’s Nov 10 report, which states that 6 out of 11 baggage workers purportedly associated with such organizations. By pulling the security badges, the employees weren’t being fired but prohibited from being in high security parts of the airport i.e on the actual runway for example. Employees with security badges have to be “as free from suspicion as Caesar’s wife” – There are currently several lawsuits in progress with some of the comments from employees being: “if I had really been a security risk, why wouldn’t they have pulled my badge a long time ago?” That’s a pretty good question.
So, how, in a non-discriminatory society do you ensure security? Maybe it’s time for those that are unhappy with the current procedures to suggest a ‘fool proof method’.