Day Trips from Paris: Visiting Norman Artists

Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2008

My favorite Monet and Daubigny paintings are snow scenes. Spending a weekend in Normandy in April can be full of surprises, particularly SNOW.
Artist: Etienne Lodeho

If this is your first trip to France, you’ll want to be sure to visit Monet’s house and garden in Giverny, Normandy, but don’t forget that Normandy remains a constant source of inspiration for contemporary artists. Here is your chance to meet artists who may or may not be one day as famous as Monet, but are here – in the flesh – to talk to you about their work and their rapport with this exceedingly seductive landscape.

After having frequented Normandy for years, I can tell you the daily light show can be so spectacular (especially in the spring and fall when light rays seem to bend at acrobatic angles) that I often find myself thinking – well, it was too easy for the Impressionists – all they had to do was paint exactly what they saw – those freckles of light on the forest floor – Ahh! if it were that simple!

If you’re interested in visiting local Norman artists in the Eure department, a good place to begin your exploration is St. Georges du Vievre. (You’ll need to rent a car for this trip because most of these villages are only accessible by car or bus). This month (April, 2008) the local tourist office is featuring a number of local artists’ work. After viewing the work, you have the option of visiting the artists at their respective studios.


If you decide to visit some of the ateliers, you also will be delighted to discover typical thatched roof homes in the very heart of rural Normandy. Gerard Daric and Nicole Camillieri have the good fortune to work in these idyllic surroundings. Gerard will be quick to point out how much the Norman landscape has changed since he’s lived here – the typical apple orchard is quickly becoming a pastoral scene which one may eventually find only in paintings.

Come to Normandy. Savor the landscape and the artists that can show you its soul.

For more information about the St. Georges du Vievre art show and ‘artists’ open house’:
Office de tourisme du canton de
1 route de Monfort
27450 Saint Georges du Vievre
Tel 02 32 56 34 29
Fax 02 32 57 52 90

Abandoned House
Artist: Nicole Camillieri

La Boucherie
Artist: Gerard Daric

“Toute la verite sur Jeanne d’Arc”
The Whole truth about Joan of Arc
Pierre Faliere-Pariot

“Idees Noires” (Dark Thoughts)
Artist: Mijo Demouron

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  • Mary

    Great shots! Day trips are fun, affordable, easy and cultural. This article proves it. Thanks for the tip.

  • mijo demouron

    Aujourd’hui je regrette davantage de ne pas parler, ni lire l’Anglais… ni l’Américain:>))
    Mais je suis très heureuse de votre reportage, et ravie que vous parliez de moi:>)))))))
    Je vous en remercie beaucoup.
    Au plaisir d’une prochaine rencontre.

  • Parisgirl Post author

    Merci pour vos commentaires en francais! Oui, je regrette que Parislogue ne soit pas une site ‘bilangue’ ou meme ‘trilangue’, mais comme vous voyez mon francais est ‘basic’. Cela n’empeche pas qu’il ait des gens bilangue que lisent Parislogue – donc, n’hesitez pas de donner votre avis de temps en temps.
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  • Parisgirl Post author

    P.S. I liked hearing Mijo’s comments about the difficulties of working with models, how frustrating it can be when the poses are ‘cliche poses’. Mijo mentioned that when the poses aren’t that interesting, she uses the time to focus on a subject’s facial features. Obviously with this sculpture, she found the pose to be a good one.

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