Click Your Heels Three Times and Say “I wish I was in Paris!”

Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

If only it were so simple – but what is simple? The next few days I’ll be in transit, so I thought how timely it was to find Harper’s Bazaar Summer fashion issue in my mailbox including the article entitled “Pack Like a Pro” by Natasha Wolff (A Fashionable Life section).

How timely for a reality check. Paris Logue readers, tell me I’m not the only one fallng off my chair, guffawing . . .

Regarding packing for a trip to Paris, Wolff writes: “I’ll start by laying out the strappy Marc Jacobs ankle boots – – my black Chloe Betty bag – a pair of black peau de soie Miu Miu platform pumps and a shiny little vintage black snake clutch – and immediately the whole situation is simplified.” Oh, but don’t forget to add,
” big, fabulous earrings, the silver fox and lipstick. Voila. Paris, here I come.”




This is not even mentioning the dark grey jeans, the black satin camisole, the cashmere hoodie sweater, some J Crew T-shirt, a jumper, a jean jacket, etc.

Now I know that there is a small segment of the population out there in Consumer Land that actually can go out and buy all this stuff (unlike the majority of us ‘normal’ people that are more in the jean jacket and J Crew category)– but if you’re really planning on going to Paris and having a good time, you don’t need any of that stuff, believe me. Rather, spend some time focusing on the people and places you will discover. Make sure you come well equipped with notebooks, address book and photos of your hometown to exchange with people you may meet. Vow to make at least one new acquaintance during your visit. Bring a sketchpad. Bring your favorite CD to exchange.

Even Wolff finally gets around to admitting: “The truth about clothes is, nobody cares what you’re wearing as long as you feel good in it, so take the stuff you know works, leave the rest at home, and when in doubt, enjoy.”

Here, here!