Chinese Astrology – with a French Twist

Hate to be a harpie, but it’s entirely possible that you missed my May1st, 2005 post about Chinese Astrology, Plain and Simple by Suzanne White.

Chinese Astrology is much more than whimsical exploration of the various persona that make up the world of tigers, goats, cats, dogs, pigs, horses, snakes, dragons etc. but it’s also a hysterically funny look at raising kids in France in an extraordinary milieu – here’s just one example which White chooses to describe the dragon personality:
In this instance White is taking her 6-month old daughter to visit Salvador Dali in his Paris apartment. “the first thing I laid eyes upon was that sinuous beast of an ocelot,who stalked about on a silken settee located in front of a carved marble fireplace. Dali’s secretary dashed over to me warning, “Stay right where you are. I don’t think the ocelot likes children. We’ve had some bad experiences recently.”

You don’t necessarily have to be a Chinese astrology fan to enjoy reading about White’s fascinating life wandering the European continent, wintering in Ibiza and lingering in Paris in August when most Parisian residents wouldn’t be caught dead in town . . . she writes – if you want to find her in town, August is the month.




Her notes about her Dragon friend Paolo who loved to frequent Deauville – and her Goat ‘au paire’ Marie Antoinette whose little ‘forgetful spells’ such as forgetting to feed the children lunch- will have you laughing – even though you might recognize a little bit of yourself in White’s astute descriptions (yes, I am a ’55 goat, just like Marie Antoinette).

>Chinese Astrology, Plain and Simple
Suzanne White
389 Pages Tuttle Publishing Boston 2000