Car-Sharing in Paris

Le Figaro newspaper’s, Charles Gautier reports today that the parking garage behemoth – Vinci Parc and Avis will join forces to provide short-term rentals (from a few hours to one day’s use) on a test basis this June in Paris. The Peugeot 1000 will be the rental car of choice.
Car-sharing or ‘auto-partage’ is not new to the city. Since 1990 the service has been available to some 3500 subscribers.

Customers will be able to call and reserve a car on a 24 hour basis, then pick up and drop off their car in designated Vinci parking garages. The car-sharing service is intended for short excursions, for example dinners out on the town.




How this will affect the city’s taxi drivers was not discussed in the Figaro article. The cost would range from twenty to forty Euros and it also was not mentioned whether these fees would include the cost of gasoline or insurance. And whether this is the type of rental service that would be of use to tourists who may not know their way around town well enough to hop in a car and head for Etoile – remains to be seen.