Car Goddess: The Citroen DS

“I think that cars today are almost the exact equivalent of the great Gothic Cathedrals,” wrote Roland Barthes in 1957 in his rhapsody regarding the Citroën DS which was unveiled in Paris in 1955.

Futuristic in design, the car has been described by some fans as the most elegant car ever designed. George Theofiles, a DS fan, he described the DS rooftop as being made of a material so thin (a fiberglass of sorts) that if one sticks one’s hand out the window and places it on the rooftop, one can actually see the shadow of one’s hand from the inside of the rooftop. He went on to describe the double set of headlights which raise and lower as you climb a hill.

Unfortunately, I missed the 50th anniversary Paris rally that brought hundreds of Citroën DS to the foot of the Eiffel Tower, but it’s never too late to drool over a beautiful example of car craftsmanship. There are tons of DS sites to visit (I’ll note just a few to get you started) and you’ll quickly learn that the Citroën’s DS name was chosen as a play on words. In French the word for goddess is pronounced exactly the same: la déesse.




Citroen DS sites:

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