Bring on the Bubbly!

Just because New Year’s Eve has come and gone is no reason to be maudlin. Last night we broke out a bottle of champagne (Perrier Jouet Grand Brut) just to celebrate being together. Our friend Eric must be telepathic. When I woke up this morning his e-mail regarding champagne was winking at me “read everything you can about champagne without moderation – but remember to drink in moderation!” Okay, Eric. I think I’ve got the message, but even ‘in moderation’ Chris and I definitely are way off the charts – when it comes to Le Monde’s stats on champagne drinking (Champagnes Eternels, Dec 14,’06). Author Jean-Claude Ribaut writes that “while the French consume percentage wise (60% of production) three bottles per year, the British consume 1 1/2 bottles per year and the Americans consume one glass per person per year.”

Clearly, Chris and I, didn’t get interviewed when the statistics were being recorded.
That’s okay. It’s obvious to see that the American champagne drinkers need to get moving here and I think last night was a good beginning.




Here were some of Ribauts top champagne choices for starting off the New Year 2007 with a bit of bubbly – it’s not too late!
Bollinger. La Grande Annee 1999. 85 Euros.
Mumm. Millesime. 1999. 35 Euros.
Pommery. Brut Royal. 27 Euros!
Demoiselle. 21.50 Euros
Heidsieck. Monopole Extra Dry. 23.90 Euros
Charles Lafitte 1834. 20.50 Euros
Drappier. 37.50 Euros
Moutard. Brut Grand Cuvee.

Champagne Salon 1990. 220 Euros (app.)
Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle. 92 Euros.