Bon Anniversaire!

Colette’s Birthday
This cake takes the cake!

In France, Happy Birthday translates as “Bon Anniversaire!” It is the tradition here that the birthday ‘boy or girl’ provides the champagne and treats his or her guests, rather than vice versa. This is very thoughtful for the guests. You can bring a card or gift if you like, but it’s not expected. People sing the same “Happy Birthday” song that we sing in the US (and elsewhere in the world) but with French words, although sometimes in English, especially if you can sing it like Marilyn Monroe.) This we learned at friend’s 60th birthday. The 60th birthday is a landmark birthday in France.




If you’d like to learn more about the history of birthday celebrations which goes back to the Middle Ages, check out Gourmet Stations site. I noted that Gourmet Station based in Atlanta prepares Gourmet Parisian meals that can be delivered to your doorstep – if you can’t make it across the Pond. Colettes’ cakes look enticing as well – and according to her site, these cakes can fly across the ocean.
Jet setting birthday cakes.

This particular post is dedicated to David – who’s birthday slipped by without a birthday greeting so “Happy Belated Birthday, David!” Bon Anniversaire!