Black and White: Paris Spring Fashion

An elegant Parisian dressed in deep navy blue (i.e. the ‘new’ black and white)
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007
Alesia shoppers dressed in black and white.
Photo by Chris Card Fuller © 2007

It’s springtime in Paris – the gardens of Paris are exploding in blatant reds, fuschia and yellow. And what do you see women wearing in this summer heatwave? Black and white with a dash of red.
Show window at Caroll on Ave General du Clerc 14eme. (This is the chain where my friend Lydie takes me to shop. The styles are contemporary but suitable for women of all ages)
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

Sixties graphics have finally settled in, right beside the eternal polka dot. Ballerina slippers continue to tread the streets of Paris. Today, being the hottest day yet, some women have traded in their black dresses and suits for frothy white. And the men in black with black shades to match are still abounding.




That’s why we like to go to the parks where mothers allow themselves the frivolity of dressing themselves and their daughters in sunbonnets and ever so pink dresses. The only place in Paris where you’re likely to encounter the color pink is in the playgrounds of Paris’s parks!

(Generally speaking, of course. Don’t take Parislogue for the last word on Paris street fashion. Just yesterday I noted a stylish Right Bank Parisian sported a pink T-shirt for a casual outing in Paris – and she wore it with aplomb! In Paris, general rules are made to be broken – but only by Parisians! If you’re visiting Paris, it’s wise to go with the flow)
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007