Americans meeting Americans at CDG

We were all piling into the shuttle to our Air France flight to NYC. And Americans who might not normally share their opinion with strangers were perhaps galvanized by election day.
“Does anyone know the results?”
“The Democrats have taken the House – but they’re not the same Democrats anymore.” These were some of the comments I heard. And also, I heard:
“The French don’t like us.”
“The French like us. They just don’t like our government.”
“That’s funny. The French keep asking me why Americans don’t like the French.”
“sounds like a big misunderstanding.”
“They used to like us.”
“It’s the media that’s created this misunderstanding.”
For any of you out there that still believe that the ‘French don’t like us,’ all I can say is, “come to France and see for yourself!” If you make a moderate effort, you may be pleasantly surprised. If you have had an awful experience in the past, don’t give up. Try again. Jefferson couldn’t have been wrong.