French Food

(Photo from Restaurant Moncourrier, Avenue Gambetta, Ussel/Correze) French chefs are world famous for their mastery of sauces, desserts and their ingenious presentation, but French cooking can also offer up some surprising dishes that you may prefer to eat first and before learning the names of the animals and their organs. […]

Weirdest French Food

Choucroute Platter served at the Brussels Cafe, 71 Blvd. Exelmans, 75016 When it comes to ‘comfort food’, nothing does it better than ‘choucroute’ (pronounced ‘shoo-croot’) or Alsatian saurkraut on a cold day in March. Accompanied with a crisp Riesling, this meal will make you completely forget the howling winds and […]

French Cooking: Choucroute

You might discover that your favorite restaurant in Paris depends just as much on good memories as it does on good food. Depending on the occasion, I may have many ‘favorite picks’ but if you asked about my all-time favorite, it would have to be Chez Josselin on Rue Montparnasse […]

Creperie de Josselin: My Favorite Restaurant in Paris

As I was cleaning up the dishes last night after a dinner for nine at Montparnasse, I wondered if the U. S. military should seriously begin studying French organizational skills in the kitchen. “Technique! You lack technique,” Eric chided me. (you may remember, from a previous post, Eric and Lila […]

French Cooking: If you can’t stand the heat – get ...