A Thought for Food

Choosing the Daily Special at the Restaurant French restaurants, by law, are required to serve a reasonably-priced luncheon ‘menu’. That’s one of the reasons why you’ll notice that so many cafes, brasseries tend to have relatively similar prices when it comes to the daily menu. Currently, a typical luncheon ‘menu […]

Choose the Daily Special at Restaurants: Paris Travel Tip #26

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day – and we’ve planned absolutely nothing. No turkey, no pumpkin pie, no cranberry sauce. Apparently we aren’t alone in this because likewise the American Embassy in Paris notes that they are Closed for Thanksgiving Day. If you click on Thanksgiving there’s an excellent description of the […]

Thanksgiving Day in Paris: How long can I procrastinate?

(Photo from Restaurant Moncourrier, Avenue Gambetta, Ussel/Correze) French chefs are world famous for their mastery of sauces, desserts and their ingenious presentation, but French cooking can also offer up some surprising dishes that you may prefer to eat first and before learning the names of the animals and their organs. […]

Weirdest French Food

Pudlo France 2008/2009 By Gilles Pudlowski Publisher: The Little Bookroom Foodies who’ve been following in Gilles Pulowski’s ‘foodsteps’ with his past Pudlo guides to Paris restaurants will be eager to take a look at his exhaustive listing of worthy restaurants AND hotels throughout France. This 1,193 page tome is easy […]

Review: Pudlo France 2008-2009