Free Wi-fi at CDG? Not quite there yet.

Isn’t it time for free wireless in all airports? It would have been nice sleeping on the floor at Newark to at least have the compensation of free Wi-Fi. No chance.

CDG (Charles de Gaulle Airport) is apparently going to give passengers a taste of free Wi-Fi between April and June of 2008. All terminals have internet access but you need to pay for your access, either by purchasing a card in one of the Relay bookstores, or by purchasing directly online (.15 centimes per minute). It’s possible that if you already have an Orange or a Sprint account you already have access. (I tried with my Wanadoo/Orange account and it didn’t work).


My question is, if the City of Paris provides free wi-fi in city parks, why not in the Aeroports de Paris? Let’s follow the good example of Iceland. Free Wi-fi for all. Do you agree?

2 thoughts on “Free Wi-fi at CDG? Not quite there yet.

  • Kim

    Absolutely! BTW, if you’re ever stuck sleeping on the floor in Newark, call (well e-mail) – I’m a hop skip and a jump away, and I have wi-fi :D.

    Did you know the parks in NYC have free wi-fi now? It was great sititng in Madison Square park on a sunny day, working. Bryant Park and Washington Square also have it; don’t know about the others though.

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